Monday, February 06, 2006

Writing Goes Here

So I guess I'd better update this. Been real busy. Too busy. Annoyingly busy.

I suppose you all want to know what's going on.

Well I'm working pretty heavily on getting a website site up for Vena Cava. They're a student theatre group I'm part of. We want a more stable and official web presence. It should be good once done.

Other things, been shooting a few movies. One I was a prisoner in. Another I'm an alien bent on destroying the world.

It's okay but tiring.

Got a ticket to Suicide Girls show here is Brisvegas. So if anyone out there wants to go with me buy your tix at Skinnys. Or if you already have tix, email or note me so we can meet up or something. Should be a kickass show.

Been looking for a house as well. But it's so tiring as well. We're all over the whole looking thing. We just want to be approved at a house. But I suppose everyone is looking for acceptance.

Man...I'm so bored. I'm at work and it's so slow. But I get to go home soon and sleep. And then no work until Friday. Which is good.

So if anyone wants to hook up for anything I'm game. Just drop me a bell.

Check ya.


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