Thursday, January 12, 2006

Multiple Developments

Maybe my thoughts that I am actually not of this planet are true.

I got proposed a role to be in a sci-fi flick as an alien. Aparently according to people I have never met yet have seen my work, I'd be perfect for the role. Co-incidence?

Then I find out that I have no real place anywhere; Moved on by police (do I REALLY look like I hang with those Emo kids in the Queen St Mall); meetings with uni folk RE: enrolement; assorted personal relationship restructuring.

So, does this mean I am an alien?

My answer is yes. Maybe not an extraterrestial, maybe not even from another country. But my theory is that I am a Extra-TIME-restial. I.E someone/thing from another time.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to School

So now I've been back in Brisbane for some time now, I thought i'd better update.

If I've seen you, it was good, if I haven't seen you yet, we need to catch up. Call/email me.

But onto better news. I'm back to school at the moment. Not anything real but a Barnes and Noble run thing. It's a introductory course in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD)

It's online and free.

So anyone interested check it out at the link below:

It's a great place to start for those interested but never played.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You Know You're In Australia When...

There is a New Zealand VS Sri Lanka One-Day Cricket Match on in the CHILDREN'S Lounge.

New Zealand won.

The Legacy Continues...

Striding into the international arrival lounge full of confidence, our hero raises his arms to the gods and announces in a loud, inspiring voice, "I love you Australia!"

The proclaimation is followed by a scattering of cheers from our hero's countrymen and women in agreement to this definative statement.

Our hero has been too long from his land of birth. From the land he calls home. But now, upon his return, he is not afraid to hide his feelings for the country and people who have given so much to him.

To be continued...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Everything's Quiet...

On New Years Day.

Happy New Year on the Christian Calendar everyone! We joined you all in 2006 last night.

I had an alright night. I stayed at the hostel due to the weather (except for a few hour jaunt out towards the 'big moment') but I met some pretty cool people. Some Irish girls who are movng to Adelaide to live, some girls from Toowoomba, some guys from Melbourne who work at the Ski Fields and more. But from my journey here I have noticed that about 25% of the occupants here at the hostel are Australian. It's weird but I suppose we are a nation of travellers.

I miss home a bit more each day. There's only so much you can do here. Particularly when it's raining. But I'm going to see Harry Potter 4 later tonight so that should be good.

I went shopping to pick up some Christmas Presents for my family today. I didn't know what to get them but after talking to them I think I got some stuff they'll like.

Tommorow I leave the US for Australia. So I might check out the Wax Museum in the morning and then head to the airport and stay there. That way I won't miss my flight and I can just do nothing and relax.

Hope everything back home is great for each of you who read this.

See you all soonish.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sluts and Stars

Well hi there reader/s.

I'm writing this post from the hostel where I'm staying in Hollywood. And for all of those under the impression that California is the land of sun, surf and stars, what I am about to divulge is something you may want to not read.


Hollywood is filled with homeless/unemployed people, sex shops posing as 'fashion' outlets and all with a tacky helping of Americana.


All that aside, it's an alright place. I have some pictures of places but the computers here do not have USB connections so I can't upload them. I'll make a CD and distribute when i get home methinks.

I went to Graumann's Chinese Theatre today. It's great. I was the only one who paid the $5 to do the walking tour so me and the guy had a neat time just riffing and chatting about America, Australia and of course the theatre.

And all those out there playing the 'What Famous Person Does Matt Look Like?" pool, those who have placed bets on Johnny Depp will get a huge boost. My feet and hands fit perfectly into Mr Depp's at Graumann's. So rejoice all those who have that wager.

The bad thing is that it is raining. In my entire US trip, I have had one clear day. ONE! The others have been raining or overcast.

I'm going to the Chronic (WHAT?) les of Narnia today due to rain. But later tonight it's the New Year's Eve 'party' at the hostel. But Happy New Year to you all back in Australia as it's already happened. It should be around 6am on the 1st of Jan 2006 there at the moment.

It was good talking to those I could get a hold of yesterday. But I'll see you all real soon. I'm back on the 4th of Jan 2006 Aussie Time.

Well I'm bored. Seeing if anyone is on MSN. (I doubt it) And my doubts prove correct.

Oh I had my first American McDonalds today. It was okay. We have better OJ but they have better sausage. (Nothing Suss!)

I'm really looking forward to coming home. I'll have my own bed in my room. Plus I'll get to see you all back in Australia again.

Take care all and the deadline for requests for items is 24 hours from now. So you have until 6am Jan 2nd 2006 to email or note me any specific requets for items.

Take care all and I'll catch you on the flipside.