Monday, January 02, 2006

Everything's Quiet...

On New Years Day.

Happy New Year on the Christian Calendar everyone! We joined you all in 2006 last night.

I had an alright night. I stayed at the hostel due to the weather (except for a few hour jaunt out towards the 'big moment') but I met some pretty cool people. Some Irish girls who are movng to Adelaide to live, some girls from Toowoomba, some guys from Melbourne who work at the Ski Fields and more. But from my journey here I have noticed that about 25% of the occupants here at the hostel are Australian. It's weird but I suppose we are a nation of travellers.

I miss home a bit more each day. There's only so much you can do here. Particularly when it's raining. But I'm going to see Harry Potter 4 later tonight so that should be good.

I went shopping to pick up some Christmas Presents for my family today. I didn't know what to get them but after talking to them I think I got some stuff they'll like.

Tommorow I leave the US for Australia. So I might check out the Wax Museum in the morning and then head to the airport and stay there. That way I won't miss my flight and I can just do nothing and relax.

Hope everything back home is great for each of you who read this.

See you all soonish.


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