Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Soundtrack to My Life

Here you are sports fans.

I enjoy music a lot so I thought I'd post up here a few songs that fill in my life. Enjoy.

Don't forget to comment or email em if you have any ideas for posts or topics you want to haev discussed or just want to know more about the Nation of Geek Ink and me, it's inaugral President.

The Soundtrack to My Life Thus Far:

1) Opening credits:
“Pacifier” by Shihad
2) Cruising through my hometown with the gang scene:
"The Best Things" by Filter
3) Talking to my crush scene:
"If Only" by Hanson
4) Driving Scene that mostly consists of flashbacks and lost love:
"Yesterday" by The Beatles
5) Random Melodramatic Realization Scene:
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve
6) Love Scene:
“Chemicals Between Us” by Bush
7) The Me-Kicking-The-Crap-Out-Of-People-I-Don't-Like Scene:
Beethoven's 9th Symphony
9) Tragic Break-up scene:
"Burn To Shine" by Ben Lee
10) Unnecessary Big-Budget Dance Scene:
"Hey Ya" By OutKast
11) Party scene:
"Sabotage" by The Beastie Boys
12) Leaving home / fresh start scene:
"Leaving Home" by Jebediah
13) Coming back home / revisiting the past scene:
“Come Back Around” by Feeder
14) Random, cheesy me-singing-in-front-of-the-mirror scene:
"I'm With You" by Avril Lavinge
15) Bonding with my best friend scene:
"Scooby Snacks" by The Fun Loving Criminals
16) Melancholy quiet scene:
"Brick" by Ben Folds Five
17) Random feel good moment:
“I Make Hamburgers” by The Whitlams
18) First kiss:
“Sexy Boy” by Air
19) Oooh-I'm-Steaming-Mad scene:
“Break Out” by The Foo Fighters
20) Random awkward moment:
The Astro Boy theme song
21) Classic battle between me and the antagonist:
The music that plays when you take on Bowser in Super Mario Brothers on NES.
22) Scary climatic moment:
“All Hallow’s Eve Ball” composed by Alan Silvestri from the Van Helsing soundtrack.
23) Ogling a crush scene:
“El Scorcho” by Weezer
24) Fairy tale ending with my soul mate:
“We’re In This Together” by Nine Inch Nails
25) Closing Credits:
“Loser” by Beck


Orange Blossom said...

I almost stole this from Patrick's blog. I think I'm going to. Not sure yet. Good selections though. Very nice. Enjoy your time at Byron.

Jafana said...

Go you and your new blog. i shall watch out for more posts.
and heee for bringing you over to the dark side.
you miss meeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Matchu. Love your choices. Can't wait for the sequel.