Wednesday, December 21, 2005

California! Here I am!

More song references for titles?

When will the madness stop?

When did the madness begin?

I am safe in LA people. After a little bit of a kerfuffle at immigration, they let me in.

So here I am, after using paper money for a real purchase (a copy of TV Week for only 99c. TV WEEK PEOPLE!)

Online in the domestic terminal. Two minutes left to type and publish this blog.

I am safe. Will make bigger update later.

Wow this blog has seen a lot of action lately.

If you want to join the mailing list, let ne know in note or email form.


Jafana said...

should have let me know you were there. I was there for about 2 hours this morning.
I'm now in Vegas though.

Mattweez said...

Weird. Like Serendipitious or something. Well enjoy Vegas. And no doubt we'll cross paths soon.