Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wedding Update!

So it's the day after the wedding (and my 21st birthday. WOOT!!!) and there is much to tell.

It was an awesome day. We started off with lunch at Jack in the Box (my choice) and that was awesome. Then we went to this awesome place which was an awesome water park/mini golf course/video game arcade in an awesome castle. You heard me right, an awesome castle!

So we go inside and we play minigolf. I lost spectacularly but I had the most fun ever! I mean an AWESOME CASTLE!!!! We then went and played some video games. Some which sucked (Off-Road Racing) and others that ruled (Mario Cart Advanced more on this later, and The Grid)

Now The Grid was 6 machines linked together but you played at the machine without seeing your opponents. It was a first person shooter arena game vs real people. Think the glorious nature of multiplayer Halo but in a sport atmosphere. See The Grid is apparently a future sport where people watch people kill other people. It was a lot of fun. I was reluctant to play but I had fun.

But the best video game I played was the aforementioned Mario Cart Advanced. If you could think of Mario Cart and any other racing game with seats, sterring wheels etc. and bred them together, you would have Mario Cart Advanced.

I played Luigi of course! And you could take a picture with your face as your avatar. It was cool!

Here is me twirling my nonexistant moustache but after seeing Luigi's hat and moustache superimposed on my face via the avatar I've decided it's coming back.

I came third and then first in two races. But the weiurd thing was that you could play as the Mario Cart people AND Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man or Blinky the red ghost from Pac-Man.

As much as I love the yellow circle with the voracious appetite for stale marshmellows, I had my fill with this:


It was one of those 'Put Your Tokens In To Win More Tokens' psuedo games. It's all luck and a little skill but all together a rip off. Hence no playing. I had a little bash on the Pac-Man machine they had there though but as I did that alone, no-one took my pic. Sorry.

But there is more! They had the BEST ARCADE GAME EVER!!!!

"Better than The Grid?" you ask.

"Yes," I answer.

"Better than Mario Cart Advanced?" you ask.

"Yes," I answer.

"Better than Pac-Man?" you ask.

"YES! Now shut up or no ice-cream on the way home!" I answer.

It is...


Best most awesome-ness ever!

I won like 650 tickets on the machine and got three high scores.

3rd 42,000

2nd 46,000

1st 56,000

That's right. I rule at Skeeball!

Then we had the wedding.

It was a lot of fun. I felt like crying because these two that got married are right together. They are two of my best friends (the groom and I went to high school together and were best buds) and it was just so simple and nice. But I couldn't cry, I'm a strong Aussie Guy afterall. (Quiet your laughing please guys, the Yanks don't know that I'm nothing of the sort.)

Anyway, I caught the garter. It's an item to bring me memories. I got to wear a red daisy too. I love daisies. They rule.

Anyway, here's some pictures snapped during the night.

Duh...the cake!!!

Sorry ladies, I'm taken but 'Well Dressed DEMONIC Me' is free. Every woman knows she wants to stare deeping into their loved one's glowing eyes that match the colour of the blood that oozes from her veins as her DEMONIC loved one slays her.

And one more to keep you warm on those long cold Australian nights:

"When will it be my turn?"

"I don't know demonic me. I don't know. I'm sure there's a lovely succubus out there for you."

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Jade said...

Hello brother. I hope everything is going well for you. The wedding sounded like it was great but there is something you haven't been telling me. I forgive you though because i will make a dire attempt to get it out of you when you return to Brissy. Hakuna Mutata though because it isn't anything serious or bad. Well done in catching the garda.looking good for you. Well !!HAPPY NEW YEAR!! when it actually happens for you because i will be greeting it long before you. So long n fare well.
"Always a happy ending."