Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SYDNEY! My head is spinning!

Kudos to those who got the musical reference.

You make me Wet, Wet, Wet.

Anyway, free internet by Samsung at Sydney International rocks!

No pop-up Samsung ads either. Woot!

The flight from Brisbane to Sydney was good. The pilot absolutely stuck the landing. 9.0 from the Australian judge.

Bit wobbly on the approach but he was competing with 20 kmh crosswinds. The landing though, like butta!

Now with something exciting to say, maybe people will begin to read this. I doubt it.

All is well, can't find a transformer anywhere. Optimus Prima must have conscripted them all.

I'm gonna try LA so I can use my AUS appliances in the US.

Missing Brisbane already.

I love my town.


P.S. Please comment or email me. I need some creative inspiration for this.

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