Thursday, December 22, 2005

Listen all ya

It's a sabotage!

Not really. Just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Mattweez here.

Well now I'm safely in Sacramento and using my friend's laptop (aka Llama) to make a decent and comprehensive post without the need to rush.

The trip over was fine. Bit cramped in the plane but the passenger in the middle seat (there are three to a column I had the window and an American guy named Deak had the aisle) didn't show so me and Deek just stretched out. That was good.

The flight from LA to Sacramento was on a dime-a-dozen airshuttle (aka Sardine Can with Wings.) But speaking of that amazing American sit-com, landing in Sacramento felt as if I was landing at a 'ye olde' American country airstrip. Plus I fulfilled one of my 'To Do: Before I Die' list entires.

Number 87 - fly from blue sky, through a cloud then over a stretch of farmland when it is raining.

If you have any questions or comments, please note or email me. I love it!


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