Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The System is Down

Okay guys. Sorry for the lack of posting but the internet at the place I'm staying at has been down for a while.

It's working now so I'm going to make my Christmas post and Boxing Day post.

Here's Christmas Day Post.

25/12/2005 (GMT -8)

Today we went over the my friend's mum's place for Christmas dinner and fun. It was great, we opened presents (see pics below), played some games and ate a fantastic feast. (Ah alliteration!)

But the main thing I thought about today was how much the day meant. I mean, it's the first Christmas away from home and it gave me an opportunity to look in rather than keep looking out. I must admit, our Christmas Days are great back in Australia. Here it was fun but I did miss a lot of people.

But onto what Christmas is really about nowdays; PRESENTS!!!!

There they are in all their glory. Let your eyes feat on the shinies!

I have more pics but it's taking ages to upload them all so I'll do it later. The rundown is:

1 x The Governator bobble-head figure
1 x 'Classic' Mickey Mouse 2006 Calendar
1 x Set of three (3) wooden puzzles
1 x Red Weezer t-shirt
1 x Grey Weezer sweatshirt

The clothing rules! I needed a new sweater and I can never have too many t-shirts. Plus it's Weezer mech! Only like one of the besterest bands in the world!

Onto Boxing Day:

26/12/2005 (GMT -8)

Today we went to try on the tuxedos for the wedding I'm here attending. We all look smashing! It's going to be good! We also went to Old Sacramento. It's an tourist trap of all old buildings and old timey shoppes. And the weird thing is that it is right next door to Downtown Sacramento!

Apparently when they wanted to knock the buildings down to build new ones in the early 20th Century, there was a huge fuss. Because it was a salloon zoned place and the US was under prohibition. So people wanted their booze basically. That's my understanding anyway. If anyone has more info, let me know!

So anyway, we had lunch there and I tried an 'Only in America...' style burger. It was called a Jiffy Burger and for those that don't know, Jiffy is a brand of peanut butter over here. So no prizes if you guess what's on the burger. It's beef (or veggie) patty, bacon, cheese and peanut butter all on a bun. It was quite good actually. Nothing to rave about but a fun experience and one I'd do again.

We also got some Old Timey Wild West pictures taken. I was a gambler and looked quite the part. It's my soft features and roguish charms that sold the part.

Then we went and played some Settlers of Catan (a fine geek civilisation type game for those playing at home. VERY fun!) and now I'm back 'home.'

That's really it I suppose. Those on the mailing list will receive an email shortly methinks. Leave me a note or email me to ask questions of make comments.



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Anonymous said...

You can never again mention my oddity with peanut butter and ham!!! Love you bro and see you soon.